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Like humans, pets can suffer considerably from allergies. A variety of sources ranging from food and fleas to dust, mites, and other irritants, can cause allergic reactions in your pet. Southshore Animal Hospital is pleased to provide a solution for pets in Metairie, Jefferson, Kenner, and New Orleans, Louisiana who are suffering from allergies. Our hospital offers immunotherapy for pets who experience moderate to severe allergies that cause pain and discomfort.

For people, immunotherapy is referred to as allergy shots. Veterinary immunotherapy and injections work in much the same way. If you notice your pet constantly biting itself, or scratching and whimpering, let us determine if immunotherapy is the right treatment for your pet.

The first step in providing immunotherapy is to perform allergy testing to determine if a pet has atopy, also known as atopic dermatitis or allergic inhalant dermatitis. These tests can help us identify the specific allergens causing the allergy problem. Once we obtain a list of “problem” allergens specific to your pet, a specialized serum containing small quantities of these allergens can be formulated. The serum is administered to your pet and over time, larger quantities of the substance are introduced.

This therapy uses the immune system of the pet, rather than long-term prescribed steroids or medications, to develop a resistance to the substance causing the allergic reaction. Ultimately, the desired result of the treatment is that the allergic response to the irritant will lessen. Please remember that some allergic conditions may take a significant amount of time to diagnose and bring under control.

Allergy testing poses minimal risk for your pet, and in many cases the information we can gain from this testing can be invaluable.